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Salad with tuna (maternity craving)

Given my second condition, I have a huge need to eat tuna in large quantities, mostly in combination with onions, boiled eggs and lemons, the rest with this addition, this is the basis.
The idea for this post was just "twisted" while I was ready to prepare this salad for some time in order to satisfy my pregnancy cravings, so ignore the quality of the pictures, it is an important outcome. :-)

It does not take much time, it is easy to prepare, and it is also delicious.

Preparation: Put a homemade iceberg salad (like you like, dice, noodles, wider stripes, everything depends on you), corn sugar, olives (whole or in my case cut), tuna (I used rio-mare in oil , So I did not have the need to add extra, and I pre-sated the majority),  onions cut into cubes, a little salt, pepper, lemon juice and mayonnaise. I do not have some measure, I put everything to taste and enough for myself. The picture is porc for two, and since my husband does not like cooking eggs, then they do not. Also, I like to cook some pasta, mostly foam, and I put them in a bowl, but it was not just for me, so we decided to This option. In principle, you can add or subtract depending on what you like or do not like!

Tell me what your pregnancy cravings are, and if you make this salad, send me a picture on the instagram ?!

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