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SallyHansen 547 Peach of Cake nail polish


I got this nail polish not so long ago, but as the birth is getting closer, I did not have time to try it out, or to be something active on the blog.
Imperial is scheduled for the 18th, another couple of days, and immediately to enclose, I will not be so regular until I recover from the ties with a new family member.
Now, when I found a bit of time for myself and the blog, I would like to introduce this baby,that I got from my friend, as I said not so long ago, and share my impressions with you.
For the base I used Eveline 8in1 in two layers, and honestly to be, it did not dry well, and I already started applying the varnish.
I did not smell nice, and there were traces left.
But that's why I tried again without a base and it was great, I made it in two layers, the color super covers, it quickly dries, but it seems like it's matte, not completely, but there is no concrete gloss.
I did not use a top coat in the photos.
So that been sad, for this shade, grades from  1 to 10,would be 7.
It's very possible that I will try some more of their nail polishes in a slightly different shade, something in the nude is causing my eye to fall, so we'll see ... Maybe I like it more.
The bottle contains 14.7ml of product and its price is around 12e

                      Have you tried some Sally Hansen nail polish, what are your impressions?

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